Vendor Program

Partnering with Newcap Leasing gives a competitive edge to your business as you promote the ability to offer financing solutions for your customer and their purchases. We offer a variety of equipment leasing and financing programs that can be tailored to a customer’s specific needs while increasing your client retention rate and maximizing every sales opportunity.  Newcap Leasing can help set your business up for continual growth, success and customer satisfaction by shortening sales timelines and eliminating financial barriers.

By offering low periodic payment options, customers get the financing they want and you receive full payment right away. You will be paired up with a financial advisor who is just as committed to growing your business as you are, as well as training and support for your sales staff and marketing material customized to you, all at no cost to you. When partnering with Newcap you can expect:


Speedy Approvals

An application can be approved in as little as 20 minutes, which can often lead to “same-day financing” for your customers.


Excellent Customer Service

Newcap guarantees quick and effective response times to both you and your customers. We can work with you to customize finance agreements, promotional offerings, seasonal payments and provide training and support to your sales staff at no extra charge. We will also provide you with all the documents and materials that you may require (i.e online and printed quotes, credit approval forms and lease documents) all with your business name and logo.


Quick Payment Turnaround Times

Newcap Leasing guarantees that we do our best to expedite payments. Payments are typically issued within 24 hours of finalizing all documentation.