Benefits of Leasing

At Newcap Leasing we recognize that each business is unique. Whether it is an established business or a new start-up, leasing with Newcap provides a cost-effective alternative to buying the assets you need to operate.


Newcap Leasing offers the following benefits:

Convenience and Speed

Banks and institutional lenders require a lot of paperwork and time before approving an application. At Newcap Leasing, your application and approval can be processed in as little as 20 minutes and payments can be customized to fit your businesses needs.


Tax Advantages

Leasing has income tax benefits that allow a company to expense the lease payments instead of depreciating the capital cost of the asset. Leasing also allows you to spread out the sales tax over the term of the lease as opposed to paying it upfront as would normally happen.


Preservation of Cash and Credit Lines

By leasing your equipment instead of purchasing, your company is able to preserve its capital and borrowing power. Leasing frees up working capital for day-to-day expenses and does not affect your existing credit lines since no cash is being borrowed.


Flexible Payment Options

A number of different payment options allows your company to effectively control and predict future cash flow. If you don’t see one that fits your business’ needs, contact us and customized payments can be arranged.


High Approval Rates

Our high approval rate and specialization in the startup and restaurant industry allow us to work with businesses facing credit issues or who don’t have a strong credit history.